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Polixir is a startup focusing on intelligent decision-making. Polixir is technology invested by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Innovation, Nanjing University (New R&D Nanjing AI Valley Research Institute). Polixir has global leading artificial intelligence capabilities. The founders include IEEE Intelligent Systems "AI's 10 to Watch" scientist, and won several international academic paper awards and international AL algorithm competitions.

Polixir innovated open-environment decision-making technologies, breaking the real-world barrier of AlphaGo and other decision-making technologies. Polixir realizes intelligent decision-making in real-world business, which has been verified in various business scenarios.

Polixir continuously advances frontier AI technology while landing customers' value. Polixir is committed to releasing the decision-making power of artificial intelligence in a wide range of businesses, aiming at leading of the AI industrial revolution.

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Polixir welcomes talents. Together, we create the future AI world

  • Business and Marketing
    Location: Nanjing
    Salary negotiable
    Salary negotiable More than 3 years of professional experience in business and marketing    B.Sc. or above
  • Macine Learning Researcher
    Location: Nanjing
    Salary >260k/y
    Salary >260k/y Solid research experience in machine learning    M.Sc. or above
  • Software Engineer
    Location: Nanjing
    Salary >180k/y
    Salary >180k/y Solid software engineering experience related with AI    B.Sc. or above

Contact Info

C4 Building, Hongfeng S&T Park, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Business: business@polixir.ai
Public relationship: pr@polixir.ai
Research: research@polixir.ai
Recruitment: hr@polixir.ai
General: contact@polixir.ai

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