Marketing DM Platform

Polixir platform models the law of the real market, and generates optimal models for marketing business tasks in customer acquisition, promotion scheme, product design, commodity recommendation, etc.

O&M DM Platform

Polixir platform continuously tracks the state of information systems, and generates optimal control model autonomously maintaining the maximum system utility, prevents system failure, and traces the root causes of issues.

Optimization DM Platform

Polixir platform projects the real-world problem into Polixir virtual environment, and generates optimization model for real-world tasks of path planning, order dispatching, warehouse arranging, etc.

Driving decision platform

Polixir platform constructs driving simulators with interactive traffic participants, automatically discovers extreme cases, trains driving policy satisfying the safe, robust, transferable, and self-adaptive constraints.


Polixir REVIVE
Polixir REVIVE General DM System

Polixir REVIVE is a general DM system. Set up the business goal, constraints, and data connection. Polixir REVIVE automatically closes the data loop, improves the policy continually, and delivers near-optimal decisions.

Polixir INFINITE Scalable System

Polixir INFINITE node can be installed online to scale-up Polixir REVIVE, extending easily to >10,000 simulators and >10PFlops computation power for large-scale decision tasks.

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